Case Study

Spreader Chaser Bin

Client Background

Coolamon recognized the evolving needs of modern farming practices and envisioned the creation of a versatile agricultural machine that could effectively function both as a chaser bin and a spreader. This concept required a groundbreaking design that could seamlessly combine the functionality of both machines.

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This case study delves into the dynamic partnership between Coolamon, a well-established agricultural equipment manufacturer, and Quantech Design, highlighting Quantech's pivotal role in crafting the award-winning Spreader Chaser Bin—an innovative combination of two essential agricultural machines.


The challenge was to craft a hybrid agricultural machine that could efficiently perform two crucial tasks: spreading fertilizers and managing grain loads during harvest. Coolamon had created a tight deadline with a customer expecting delivery of their new machine before it had even been designed. The initial design phase required a thorough approach to fulfill these dual purposes while minimising any possible issues.


  • Collaborate with Coolamon to conceive the initial design of the Spreader Chaser Bin, combining the functionality of a chaser bin and a spreader.
  • Elevate load management, safety features, and overall performance, shaping a multifunctional solution aligned with contemporary farming needs.
  • Engineer a user-friendly, efficient, and durable combination that addressed the demands of modern farmers.


Quantech Design and Coolamon embarked on a comprehensive design and development process, reimagining the Spreader Chaser Bin as a combination of the chaser bin and spreader, from the ground up. The methodology involved the following stages:

  • Conceptualization: Leveraging advanced CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, Quantech Design devised initial design concepts and 3D models, creating a visionary blueprint that integrated the functionalities of both machines seamlessly.
  • Detailed Design: The team at Quantech Design meticulously designed and modelled all details of the Spreader Chaser Bin to minimise the chance of issues found in production. This was critical due to the tight deadline and minimal testing time available.
  • Drawings: Once the final detailed model was completed, drawings for all parts, main assemblies and sub-assemblies were compiled to Coolamon’s preferred specifications ready for fabrication.
  • Production and Launch: Following approval of the final initial design and completion of the drawings, Coolamon initiated production of the innovative Spreader Chaser Bin, accompanied by a strategic marketing campaign to introduce this groundbreaking agricultural machine to the market.


Quantech Design's pioneering approach in merging the chaser bin and spreader functionalities resulted in a Spreader Chaser Bin with many beneficial attributes such as:

  • Dual Functionality: The initial design successfully integrated the capabilities of a chaser bin and spreader, offering farmers a versatile agricultural machine that could perform both tasks seamlessly.
  • Load Management: The Spreader Chaser Bin's innovative design facilitated efficient load management, empowering farmers to optimize resource usage and reduce waste.
  • Safety and Performance: Enhanced safety mechanisms, advanced braking systems, and superior spreading and grain management capabilities were core features of the initial design, elevating safety and performance to new heights.


Quantech Design's groundbreaking initial design of the Spreader Chaser Bin, combining the functionalities of a chaser bin and spreader, revolutionized agricultural machinery. This innovative amalgamation delivered unparalleled versatility, safety, and efficiency for modern farmers. The final result was exceptional enough to win the prestigious Machine of the Year award at the Henty Field Days show in 2019, which was great recognition for the effort and innovation involved.


This case study underscores the significance of collaboration between Coolamon, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, and Quantech Design, a visionary design and engineering firm, in crafting a groundbreaking, multifunctional agricultural solution. It exemplifies the power of creative partnership and the potential for transformative innovations.


Quantech Design's instrumental role in the initial design of Coolamon's award-winning Spreader Chaser Bin, a fusion of the chaser bin and spreader, epitomizes the capacity for collaborative innovation to usher in paradigm shifts in the agricultural sector. This case study serves as an inspiring example for companies seeking to reimagine agricultural equipment by embracing strategic partnerships and visionary design integration from the outset.