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Our certification carries the mark of excellence and compliance. With Quantech Design's certification, you can confidently operate and offer your products in full compliance with the latest regulations.

Did you know that it's now a requirement that all drawbars sold in Australia comply with ADR62/02 standards? So whether you're a caravan chassis manufacturer, trailer builder, horse float producer, or any provider of towed vehicles, they must be certified.

Using our advanced FEA capabilities, we conduct virtual testing of drawbars to ensure you meet ADR62/02 compliance standards. We are proud to be a RVS approved testing facility - so you can trust in our experience. The best part? Our dedicated team ensures approximately two weeks turnaround for your certification process, minimising disruptions to your operations.

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Gather information

Quantech gathers all the information about your trailers to determine the scope of work. This is done so we can try and consolidate as many trailers as possible with the minimum amount of analysis, which will save you time and money.

Information analysis

Quantech will determine the amount of modelling and analysis required based on the information collected. A fee proposal will be sent for review and acceptance before any work is started.

Modelling & initial analysis

Modelling and initial analysis is performed. Initial results are communicated - if the trailers pass the requirements with their current design or if changes are required.

Final reports & certification

Any design changes are made if needed, and technical drawings for these changes are sent, then final analysis reports and certification letters are produced.

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