Case Study

Chip Spreader

Client Background

Trout River Australia is a long-standing client of Quantech Design, specializing in the design and manufacturing of live bottom trailers used in the road construction industry. Their goal was to expand their product portfolio by manufacturing their own chip spreader, a critical piece of equipment in road construction, responsible for spreading fine aggregate over wet bitumen.

Chip Spreader
Chip Spreader
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Chip Spreader
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  • Integration of Best Features: The challenge was to create a chip spreader that not only incorporated the best features of existing units in the market but also introduced innovative elements to enhance performance.
  • Adjustable Width: The chip spreader needed to have a nominal width of 2.5 meters, with the flexibility to extend up to 2.9 meters using detachable extensions.
  • Segmented Control: To enable the chip spreader to spread in sections, the design required ten sections, each with its own controllable door.
  • Quick Attachment: The entire chip spreader needed to be easily attachable to a truck or trailer using a quick-change mechanism, ensuring efficient and swift deployment.


Design Iterations: The design and prototype development went through four iterations, with active collaboration between Quantech Design and the client. Client input was invaluable due to their extensive industry knowledge.

  • Door Mechanism Optimization: The initial design featured sliding doors that proved problematic during operational conditions. These were replaced with a pivoting style, resulting in improved functionality.
  • Material Distribution Enhancement: Early versions relied on vanes for distributing material to the extension boxes, but this approach was found to be impractical. They were replaced with hydraulically driven augers for more efficient material distribution.
  • Door Control Refinement: The system controlling door openings went through several iterations before arriving at an effective solution, ensuring precise and adjustable material spread.
  • Robustness for Abrasive Materials: Considerable development efforts were made to enhance the chip spreader's durability, making it capable of handling highly abrasive aggregate materials encountered in road construction.


After several years of dedicated development and numerous design refinements, the chip spreader designed by Quantech Design for Trout River Australia proved to be a resounding success. These chip spreaders are now widely used in road construction projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, showcasing their efficiency, adaptability, and the incorporation of the best industry features alongside innovative enhancements. Quantech Design's expertise and close collaboration with the client resulted in the creation of a highly competitive product that met the specific needs of the Australian and New Zealand road construction industry.