Case Study

Innovative Cadaver Storage Tank Design

Client Background

Quantech Design played a significant role in the redesign of a cadaver storage tank for Wangaratta Engineering, commissioned by GOTAFE. The objective was to replace the existing unit with a design that not only improved overall strength and rigidity but also overhauled the lifting mechanism for enhanced efficiency, durability, and single-person operability.

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Scope of the Project

The project's key objectives were as follows:

  • Design for Synthetic Cadaver Fit: The tank needed to accommodate a synthetic cadaver efficiently.
  • Adjustable Depth: The tank was to have variable depth, ensuring the cadaver could be fully submerged in the solution at the lowest position and entirely lifted above the solution at the highest position.
  • Enhanced Lifting Mechanism: The lifting mechanism was to be durable within the solution, easily operable externally, and robust enough to manage required loads.

Design Solutions

The design utilized 316 stainless steel for its exceptional corrosion resistance properties. After considering various options, a scissor lift mechanism driven by a linear actuator was chosen. This choice was influenced by its durable sliding mechanism within the solution and the advantage of an actuated mechanism over a manual one.

Special attention was given to the material selection for the sliding blocks within the mechanism. Vesconite, known for its resistance to water absorption and excellent sliding properties, was chosen over materials prone to water absorption, such as Nylon, due to its suitability for extended submersion in liquid.

The lifting mechanism's design ensured the actuator remained above the solution, allowing for the desired range of motion, from fully collapsed to fully extended. Members were methodically designed to meet these criteria, followed by a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to confirm the mechanism's strength and suitability.

Client Review and Manufacturing

The finalised design was presented to GOTAFE & Wangaratta Engineering for review and subsequently progressed to the manufacturing phase, where the detailed plans and specifications were translated into the fabrication of the cadaver storage tank.

Quantech Design's Role

Quantech Design's involvement in the project was instrumental in the meticulous redesign and development of the cadaver storage tank. From advising on material selection to designing the lifting mechanism and ensuring structural integrity through FEA, our team played a pivotal role in crafting a solution that met stringent criteria for efficiency, durability, and operability.

This case exemplifies Quantech Design's capability in addressing intricate design challenges, collaborating effectively with clients to deliver solutions that meet specific needs while adhering to high standards of performance and safety.