Fabian grew up on a farm at Whitlands in North East Victoria. From an early age he had a great interest in all things mechanical. He had the great example of his father, who being a pioneering farmer, repaired and manufactured most of his own machinery. This led to Fabian studying Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne Melbourne in the late seventies.


In the mid 80’s Fabian founded his own manufacturing business at Whitlands, called ‘Burder

Industries’. Soon resulting in the manufacture of ‘Burder Front end Loaders and Forklifts’ which were distributed Australia wide. After 10 years of operating, Burder Industries had produced more than 5000 Front end Loaders and Forklifts which were distributed to approximately 500 dealers.


After selling his share in the ‘Burder Industries’, he did little, except some sub-contract design work and house renos - also built a race car.

In 2005, Fabian veered away from manufacturing and founded Quantech Design. Quantech began quite slowly, although has gradually grown to a team of 7 and is a highly regarded Mechanical Design business, serving the eastern states of Australia.

Three years ago, Fabian and wife Robyn, moved to Yackandandah, settling on 25 acres, not far from town. Fabian built a straw bale house which he states was a fantastic experience.


Since moving in, he has been busy finishing off the house, landscaping, building sheds and

fencing. In his spare time Fabian enjoys hobby farming and looking after cattle, old tractors, cars and machinery, woodworking and building, reading, gardening and generally living on the land at Yackandandah.


Recently he purchased a 1951 David Brown Cropmaster tractor. This is the same as the tractor he learnt to drive on at the age of 8 or 9, bringing back great memories. The tractor was in pieces when he bought it and after assembly, repair work and painting it is in great condition. It is used as the 4 wheel motorbike on the farm, 69 years old. Fabian also has a 1965 S Type Jaguar which he has had for around 16 years. He has done it up over the years and finds it very enjoyable.


Q & A

What was the driving force behind opening Quantech?

I needed an occupation and nothing else turned up. Once it started it turned out to be a great occupation.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Designing interesting things, liaise with customers and watch our young team grow as I teach them as much as I can.

What was your favourite job you completed in April?

I am working on concept design of an extendable chip spreader. This started as a project which seemed close to impossible and has developed into something both possible and very interesting.