In amongst the crazy world of COVID we have been very lucky to remain open and functioning, nearly as normal.

Travis and Elizabeth hard at work in their home office.

Our team has curated a COVID safe plan to ensure that those within our community remain

safe and as healthy as possible. We have a selection

of employees working from home and a selection still in the office.

We understand that the current outbreak is a concern, although to ensure we perform all we can to have a positive impact - here is what we can do:

  • Stay at home if you are sick.

  • Social Distant.

  • Wash hands frequently – with soap or sanitizer.

  • No Handshakes.

  • Direct travel to location.

  • Disinfect high touch surfaces.

  • Provide a sanitizing station.

  • Wear Masks.

Good news is, you can still visit us! Bring a mask - we provide the sanitizer and maintain social distance .

The Quantech Design Team.